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  • 트위터 오로라계정
  • 페이스북 오로라계정
  • 인스타그램 오로라계정

Brand History

Aurora products vary from traditional to trendy, everyday to special occasions, for all age groups from infants up.
Nevertheless, we try to develop all of our products with the same fundamental message of "gift of smile".
We are proud to introduce to you some of our highlight products that shined each era of Aurora History.

Aurora CI

PANTONECOLOR : 185C R:255 G:51 B:51


Aurora's corporate symbol was created by incorporating three messages of “the best”, “the smile” and “ultimate satisfaction” from our fundamental values and philosophy.
Especially, our message of “ the smile” is emphasized on its self-revealing logo that resembles a smiling face.
Red was chosen as Aurora’s corporate color to reflect our strong determination to become “the world’s best.”