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Corporate Division

Our corporate division is set up to adequate our core competence, “one-stop solution”, by integrating Market Research and Development, Marketing and Sales, and Manufacturing within one management system.

  • Total of 4 design R&D centers located in Korea, the U.S., England, and Hong Kong.
  • The collaboration of maket information and product news in each region though the ongoing PD meetings (about 6 times a year with 13 Global PD directors and 38 designers worldwide.)
  • The prompt delivery by maintaining regional warehouse systems in Korea, the U.S., England, and Hong Kong.
  • Globally located sales networks with a strong sales force in the U.S.
  • More than 2,500 charater designs in the global market.
  • The utilization of advanced IT networks through ERP system to provide the most updated product information and service.
  • Equipped with the “pilot line” for seasonal orders, and the “main line” for on-going large production orders in all factories for a timely process.
  • Independent monitoring and testing labs for product quality and safety.