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Core Competence

We can proudly present to you our absolute advantage over companies in the gift industry because we are the only "One-Stop Solution" company.

Each of our globally located products are developed, designed, manufactured, tested, sold, and customer serviced under one company’s management system.


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Design, R&D

Global Research Centers located worldwide to create gift products according to different regional taste, lifestyles, trends, and our customers’ specific wants & needs.
Collaboration of Market Research, Product Development, Character Development, Brand management from 12 Global PD Directors and 38 Designers worldwide.

Global Networks

Showrooms, fairs, department stores, gift shops as well as distributors and partners throughout the world Design and production centers located worldwide with the manufacturing factories in China and Indonesia Merchandise offered online in collaboration with its offline support base from the headquarter in Korea.
Advanced IT system and Information networks within Aurora

Brand Identity

One of the most recognized global brands with the top ranked quality.
Including a variety of sub brands for different target groups and tastes with Aurora Classic, Aurora Baby, Fancy Pals, and other character and theme based brand names.

In House Production

Aurora’s unique know-how skills through in house production. Manufacturing Factories and Centers in China and Indonesia since the beginning of the establishment of Aurora. In house testing labs for quality and safety.