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Gender : Female Homeland : Forests in North America Origin : Striped Skunk

A world Traveling Skunk.

What is actual animal for this character?

Striped skunk

only lives in North America

The striped is easily identified by the white stripe that runs from its head to its tail.
The skunk is primarily nocturnal. It sleeps in its burrow during the day and hunts at night.
The striped skunk tends to live in open areas with a mix of habitats like woods and grasslands or meadows, but can also be found in suburban parts of a city. The striped skunk is about the size of a housecat The striped skunk has developed a unique defense system: a skunk can spray an animal with a foul strong-smelling fluid which gives it time to get away. A skunk can spray as far as twelve feet!

Striped skunk