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Gender : Male Homeland : North Pole Origin : Snowy Owl

A night musician, Snowy Owl.

What is actual animal for this character?

Snowy owl

Snowy Owls live in the Artic Tundra

Snowy owls have keen eyesight and great hearing, which can help them find prey that is invisible under thick vegetation or snowcover.
Snowy Owls are 20 – 28” high with a wing span up to 4.8 feet.
Their favorite meal are lemmings ( as many as 5 per day), however will also feed on rabbits, rodents, bird and fish Snowy Owls has unmistakable white plumage.
Young owls, especially, the males will get whiter as they age, whereas the females are a little darker.
Snowy Owls remain in their breeding grounds year round, but sometimes migrate as low as Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Northern portionof the US, depending on the lemming migration.

Snowy owl