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Gender : Male Homeland : Serengeti in Africa Origin : Barbary Lion

The bravest lion in the world.

What is actual animal for this character?

Barbary lion

Endangered sub species of a lion

There are around 40 in captivity in Europe, with fewer than 100 in zoos around the world.
The Barbary lion formerly ranged from North African from Morocco to Egypt.
The last known Barbary lion in the wild was shot in the Atlas Mountain in 1922.
The Barbary Lion was believed to be extinct in captivity as well, but few Barbary lion individuals or descendants have been located in zoos and circus populations within the last three decades.
It is often the heaviest of the lion subspecies, weighing for the males is 160 to 250 kg and females 100 to 170 kg with exception of some who are smaller in size similar to the lions in East Africa.

Barbary lion