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Gender : Male Homeland : South Pole Origin : Fairy Penguin

A Curious Fairy.

What is actual animal for this character?

Fairy penguin

The smallest of all the penguins

Fairy penguins are only found in the Southern Hemisphere preferring the warmer waters along the shores of Southern Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.
They stand 16 – 17 inches tall and weigh about 2 pounds.
Fairy penguins are also called 'Little Blues' because of the indigo-blue and slate-gray color of their feathers.
Fairy penguins spend their days out at sea hunting for food in the shallow waters close to the shore.
They can often be seen congregating in groups, referred to as 'rafts'. Fairy Penguins eat small fish such as anchovies, squid, plankton, krill, small octopi and pilchards.
Most Fairy penguins mate for life with both males and females incubating the eggs and caring for the young.

Fairy penguin